034 Motorsport High Flow Intake Manifold for Transverse 1.8T
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034Motorsport's Transverse 1.8T High Flow Intake Manifold has finally arrived!

This manifold was designed to be a direct bolt-in replacement for the stock intake manifold, and features a modular design, with a rotatable plenum that allows for driver side or passenger side throttle body locations.

Featuring a 1.85L plenum, the 034Motorsport High Flow Intake Manifold was engineered not only for high-horsepower, big turbo builds, but also to offer noticeable improvements in low-end and midrange power, even on stock turbo configurations.


Manufactured from A356 Using Low-Pressure Die Casting for Superior Quality and Surface Finish
High Flow and High Velocity Tapered Runners
Large Low-Profile Airhorns and Smooth Plenum Interior for Improved Airflow Characteristics
Angled Runners and Indexed Throttle Body Position for Optimal Fitment and Intake Routing
"Stealth" Mounting Bosses for Nitrous or Methanol Injection
Provisions for Stock or 80mm Throttle Bodies
Complete with Vacuum Provisions - No Extra Vacuum Manifold Needed!
Available In Large Port and Small Port Configurations
Developed in partnership with GRAMS Performance

What's Included:

034Motorsport Transverse 1.8T High Flow Intake Manifold
Vacuum Port Fittings
Vacuum Port Plugs
Copper Sealing Washers
Plenum-to-Runner Gasket
Plenum-to-Runner Hardware


1996 - 2003 Audi A3/S3 (8L) 1.8T (180HP & 225HP)
1998 - 2006 Audi TT (8N) 1.8T (180HP & 225HP)
1999 - 2005 Volkswagen Golf / GLI / GTI / Jetta / New Beetle (MkIV) 1.8T

Available Options:

Small Port or Large Port
GRAMS Performance 70mm DBW Throttle Body- Requires Modified Throttle Body Hose

Runner Balance:

Runner 1 - 290.424839 CFM
Runner 2 - 289.215817 CFM
Runner 3 - 288.897168 CFM
Runner 4 - 289.169699 CFM

Please Note:The plenum-to-runner bolts should be torqued to7nm or 62in lbs.
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034 Motorsport High Flow Intake Manifold for Transverse 1.8T

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