PRE 06A Manual Timing Belt Tensioner Kit
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Don't let your 1.8T 20V engine suffer a complete failure due to a faulty stock hydraulic tensioner! Upgrade to a reliable manual timing belt tensioner kit

Product Features

• Provides reliable manual timing belt tension 
• Replaces the factory gas-charged tensioner
• CNC machine ilder bracket
• Includes aluminum spacer for manual tensioner
• Top OE Quality bearings/rollers supplied
• Manufactured in the UK


The stock hydraulic timing belt tensioners found on 06A 1.8T 20V engines have been a constant source of complete timing failure on everything from stock to fully built engines. This inexpensive part can cause major damage or more commonly complete engine falure. This option gives you timing confidence by engineering a complete replacement solution. This two part solution includes a machined billet idler bracket coupled with a manual timing belt tensioner roller. The billet idler bracket maintains timing belt tension on your crank pulley and prevents unnecessary wear on the belt while proper timing belt tension is maintained by the manual tensioner roller.

We've taken on board customers feedback, this is why we have released our own design to cater for this.

For the ultimate timing drive upgrade consider the blue gates racing kevlar belt and our 4 or 6 bolt billet crank pulley that is know for failure.


PRE 06A Manual Timing Belt Tensioner Kit

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