Pro-Race Engineering Girdle Kit for 06A 1.8t
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Pro- Race Engineering 1.8t Girdle kit


We supply these kits to strengthen your bottom end and reduce flex across the block. Any flex in your bottom end will reduce the bearings service life and promote wear.


There's 2 kits available for the 1.8t


Standard kit which comes with

PRE 10mm thick girdle plate

Extended genuine ARP studs

Extended sump and oil pump fixings

Longer oil pump drive chain

Spacers to bridge from original caps to the girdle plate.


Ultimate kit inlcudes all the above with additional billet Tall bearing caps in the place of the spacers.


The ultimate kit certainly isn't for the faint hearted and requires a lot of machine work, but if your wanting to build a near industructable bottom end capable of 1xxxhp then that is the way to go.

Please enquire about building services as we can supply you a competitive price on producing a solid bottom end/engine ready to drop in and start up.

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Pro-Race Engineering Girdle Kit for 06A 1.8t

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